Info   About Us

We are a public policy institution with a mission to help improve policy and decision-making through analysis and research. Our research focuses on all subjects of relevance, such as Geo-strategic affairs, regional cooperation, National Security Strategy, International Affairs, Global Security Environment, Climate Change, Food Security, counter-terrorism, energy, justice, national/international security affairs and Academia. We are also the lead Think Tank working on Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), Eurasian connectivity and Regional cooperation platform including Shanghai cooperation Organization. Our empirical research and analysis help the government, organizations and communities.
We aim to produce quality and objective research, that helps the end-users to formulate policies /legislation and solutions for sustainable development.

Info   Vision

Develop an integrated 'International Think Machine', by providing resolutions through analytical information platform.

Info   Objective

Our research is aimed at wider dissemination of results and transfer of knowledge; connecting all stakeholders, sharing of skills, and protecting public interests – independent of any interests and ideological bias.

Info   Mission

Finding solutions for sustainable objective policies for regional, extra-regional and beyond. Giving an inlet to the development of an international level network of institutions & organizations which will be broadening the virtue of horizons of the scope of information for better & well defined analysis.