CGSS arranged meeting of CARs delegation with Ministry of Commerce

On 22nd March 2018, CGSS organized the visit of the CAR’s delegations to the Ministry of Commerce. After the formal introduction of all the delegates and members of the board, a presentation on Pakistani culture and a small video was shown to the delegations. Opportunities CPEC can bring and how it would help in the expansion of commerce and trade were discussed. All the central Asian Republics were keen to join hands in mutual collaboration with Pakistan. The delegates from Uzbekistan had shown keen interest in particular in investing with Pakistan in textile and pharmaceuticals. The Major concern was logistics and taxation. The delegates from republic of Kyrgyzstan showed concern over the fact that there were no direct flights between Pakistan and Republic of Kyrgyzstan. The delegate members from Tajikistan showed concern that things on ground things are really different and mutual understanding on how to solve problems and how to move ahead is very important. The delegates show the concern that problem taxation for cotton that can help us in enhancing trade. Taxes should be reduced by Pakistan side to promote trade opportunities between both the countries. All the central Asian republics shown keen interest and are open for trade provided obstacles are removed. The ministry assured to eradicate the problems.

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