Meeting of the CGSS delegation with Shanghai Municipal Government in China

On 19th April 2018, a dinner was hosted by Shanghai Municipal Government in honor of the visiting delegation of CGSS and All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS). During the discussion, the delegation from Pakistan was given a briefing on Shanghai and its development towards becoming a financial hub. It was agreed that CGSS will work in collaboration with Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration (SMTA) for enhanced future bilateral relations. SMTA, under the Shanghai Municipal Government, is a regulating arm in charge of drafting the master plans and strategies for developing the city's travel and tourism industry, implementing the trade policies and regulations. It is also responsible for promoting the travel industry and travel products in both domestic and overseas markets.
This meeting was arranged by the strategic partner of CGSS in China -Guangming Daily (The largest Chinese language newspaper in the world). SMTA seeks collaboration from CGSS to promote Shanghai in international meetings and event industry, organize or coordinate the organization of meetings in Shanghai and arrange seminars and conferences.

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