CGSS arranged meeting of delegation from Tajikistan with The Ministry Of Planning & Development, Government Of Pakistan

On 5th April, 2018, The visiting delegation from Republic of Tajikistan headed by Dr. Hakim Abdullohi Rahmano- Head of Department on Analysis and Foreign Policy Perspectives (Vision) of the Center for Strategic Researches under the President of Tajikistan was briefed by the Ministry of Planning and Development. The aim and focus of this meeting was to present on how CPEC can be beneficial for Tajikistan. The representatives of the Ministry stated that there needs to be focus on sustainable growth to improve living standards by the help of social indicators including education, governance, health and employment opportunities etc. It was discussed that infrastructure in Pakistan is rapidly developing, some projects are under CPEC and some projects are under the government. Both countries should increase trade exports.
Ambassador Sherali stated that Tajikistan is the only country in Central Asian Republics which officially welcomed CPEC. Ambassador Sherali also gave a proposal to provide cheaper and clean energy to Pakistan. Pakistan has Top five universities and in Dushanbe there is an expo in which different countries are participating so Pakistan must also participate and both countries must work under one umbrella to connect smoothly. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is willing to provide funding opportunities for Central Asian students willing to pursue a PhD in Pakistan. The delegates showcased excessive willingness to grab such opportunities to promote integration in the educational sector.

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