Newsletter (Volume-4 Issue-9)

Center for Global & Strategic Studies is pleased to release its Newsletter (Volume-4 Issue-9) for 25th February – 3rd March, 2019

In this week, the CGSS has published the following:

Research Paper: Health Sector Reforms vis-à-vis Resource Allocations to Various Health Care Projects
This research paper analyzes the health sector of Pakistan which had been facing challenges from the last few years.

Analytical Paper: Sheikh Zayed: Truly A visionary Leader
The paper analyzes vital role of Sheikh Zayed, the great visionary leader of UAE in the progress and prosperity of the country which has emerged as the most prosperous state among the Arab region.

Analytical Paper: Connecting Minds, Creating Future ‘Expo 2020-Dubai’
The paper is about Expo 2020-Dubai which is as an opportunity, mobility and sustainability, to educate the public and to promote progress and cooperation all across the globe.

Radio Interview
This week CGSS has released the following Radio Interview:
Interview of Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Taimur Akram, (Retd) – Executive Director CGSS on Importance of Saudi Crown Prince visit for the Progress & Development of CPEC by Radio Pakistan

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