Newsletter (Volume-5 Issue-19)

Center for Global & Strategic Studies is pleased to release its Newsletter (Volume-5 Issue-19) for 4th May – 10th May 2020

In this week, CGSS has published the following:

COVID-19: UAE’s Humanitarian Diplomacy & Medical Innovations
This paper focuses on the UAE’s model of humanitarian philanthropy aligned with its medical innovations to combat coronavirus.

Opinion/Article: Kazakhstan and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
This paper expounds the emerging scope of SCO and prospects for Kazakhstan’s economic development and future Eurasian connectivity.

Opinion/Article: Future of Newspaper Industry in the Era of Technology and Social Media
This paper mentions the increasingly shifting trend of social media and possible future of newspaper industry in a more modernize world.

Opinion/Article: How Pakistani Universities can offer distant learning programs during the pandemic period?
This paper argues regarding the distant learning measures by the Universities of Pakistan to offer useful educational facility at the time of COVID-19 crisis.

CGSS Young Writers
CGSS has a vision to encourage the students of Bachelors/Masters level to write/research on various international Relations issues/topics. In this regard, CGSS has published the below mentioned papers:

• Integrated Foreign Policy Parameters of CIS States
This paper illustrates the integrated applicable foreign policy parameters to develop mutual cooperation and alignment among Common Wealth of Independent States (CIS).

• Pakistan's Foreign Policy & Regional Integration
This paper explains the basic credentials of Pakistan’s Foreign policy which can be beneficial to form regional integrity and combined socio-economic prosperity.

Publication: Online Conference Report Post Doha Agreement Afghanistan: Implications and Options for Pakistan
CGSS has published the Online Conference Report “Post Doha Agreement Afghanistan: Implications and Options for Pakistan”. The Conference was organized by CGSS on 22nd April 2020.

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