Newsletter (Volume-2 Issue-8)

The Center for Global & Strategic Studies is pleased to release its Newsletter (Volume-2 Issue-8) for 20 February - 26 February, 2017

In this Newsletter, the CGSS has published two analytical papers and One Belt One Road Project paper which are as follows:

Sri Lanka: An Ocean State and Drought Warning

The paper analyzes the effects of climate change on Sri Lanka as despite being an island state it is confronted by worst droughts.

Expansion of Instability in Sahel Region

The paper analyzes the growing crisis and security concerns in Africa’s Sahel region, responsible for the instability of the region.

Growing Momentum towards Nationalism across the Globe and the Chinese Dream

This paper is amongst series of articles designed under the project “One Belt One Road” initiated by the CGSS. The paper highlights the new wave of Nationalism evolving around the globe and its ramifications on the Chinese goals.

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