Newsletter (Volume-5 Issue-32)

Center for Global & Strategic Studies is pleased to release its Newsletter (Volume-5 Issue-32) for 3rd August – 9th August 2020

In this week, CGSS has published the following:

COVID-19: On the improvement of the epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan
This article highlights the improved situation of the pandemic in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Analysis Paper: Exposing India’s Anti-China propaganda to halt BRI Initiative
This paper elucidates India’s failed attempts and propaganda to defame China and BRI Projects.

Opinion/Article: President Xi's Vision of Shared Future and Mutual Prosperity
This article focuses on President Xi's Vision & 'Go Global' Strategy to elevate China’

Opinion/Article: Babur: A Man of Rare Combinations
This paper highlights the Emperor Babur’s leadership qualities including, supercilious judgement, moral ambition, and art of victory.

CGSS Young Writers
CGSS has a vision to encourage the students of Bachelors/Masters level to write/research on various international Relations issues/topics. In this regard, CGSS has published the below mentioned papers:

• Role of NAM in Peace and Regional Stability
This article highlights the role of Non-Alignment Movement in multilateral cooperation for development, disarmament, and peace & stability. It also signifies the efforts to unite the world against terrorism.

• CPEC: A Project Towards Progressive Pakistan
This article highlights the global communication system formed by CPEC and its role in the progress and development of Pakistan.

CGSS Video Coverage
For an expert input on relevant subject matter Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad has initiated a series of webinars and online Interviews with prominent subject experts and personalities from diverse fields for a better understanding of national & international affairs. These interviews are shared widely and are also posted on CGSS Youtube channel and social media platforms. To view, kindly visit the link below:

• Webinar, Turkmenistan’s Neutrality Instrumental to Socioeconomic Prosperity & Regional Connectivity
• Online Internship Session on “Azerbaijan-Pakistan Friendship and Strategic Partnership”
• Webinar on, “Addressing Mental Health During COVID-19”

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