Newsletter (Volume-2 Issue-21)

The Center for Global & Strategic Studies is pleased to release its Newsletter (Volume-2 Issue-21) for 22nd May – 28th May, 2017

In this week, the CGSS has published two Analytical Papers and a Research Paper which are as follows:

Growing Terrorism in Afghanistan: Analyzing the Recent Attacks on Afghan Soldiers

The paper analyzes the security situation in Afghanistan and the recent attack by Taliban inside the Military Base of Afghan Army.

Post-Civil War Inquiry in Sri Lanka: Possible Repercussions

The paper is about the alleged atrocities and war crimes investigation by United Nations committed during the civil war in Sri Lanka against the Tamil rebels.

Is Pakistan a Victim of Engineered Plague Crisis

The Research Paper provides a detailed analysis on the plague outbreaks in Pakistan and the way out for the eradication of such rampant diseases.

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