Newsletter (Volume-2 Issue-36)

The Center for Global & Strategic Studies is pleased to release its Newsletter (Volume-2 Issue-36) for 18th September – 24th September, 2017

In this week, the CGSS has published the following:

Analytical Paper: Increasing Terrorism Incidents against Muslims in West and International Media Denial
The paper analyzes negative propaganda and biased role of the western media in portraying Islam and Muslims as extremists.

Project Paper “Belt and Road Initiative”: Potential of More Regional Cooperational Projects in Pakistan
The paper explores the potential of Pakistan to attract more foreign investments, making it an economically stable country.

In-House Discussion Report: Donald Trump’s Afghan and South Asia Strategy
An In-house discussion was held at CGSS to discuss Donald Trump’s new AF-Pak policy. A detailed deliberation was carried out by distinguished personalities on the options available to Pakistan and series of policy recommendations were also yield.

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