Newsletter (Volume-2 Issue-45)

The Center for Global & Strategic Studies is pleased to release its Newsletter (Volume-2 Issue-45) for 20th November – 26th November, 2017

In this week, the CGSS has published the following:

Analytical Paper: The Increased Presence of Armed Non-State Actors in Afghanistan
The paper extensively elaborates the recent developments of rising turmoil in Afghanistan in accordance with increasing presence of militant non-state actors.

Analytical Paper: Saudi Arabia’s Aspirations for Nuclear Program and Its Impact on the Region
The paper analyzes various intervening factors pertaining to civil-nuclear program of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its impacts on the region.

Research Paper: Cotton Industry of Pakistan - Challenges and Future Discourse
The paper analyzes the challenges being faced by the cotton industry of Pakistan which is the backbone of the textile and agriculture industry of the country.

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