Webinar on "The Power of Penmanship"

On 7th August 2020, The Platform by CGSS, Islamabad organized a Webinar titled “The Power of Penmanship”. The session was organized to highlight the scope and opportunities in the writing community of Pakistan and to inspire the young generation of Pakistan to pursue their passion for writing and use it in diverse fields.
The session was commenced with the opening remarks by Brigadier Akhtar Nawaz Janjua (retd), Senior Member Advisory Board, CGSS. He signified the importance of writing and highlighted the role that Writing can play in enhancing the skills and potential of future generations.
Mr. Ghulam Akbar, CEO & Editor in Chief, National Herald Tribune and Daily Al Akhbar, explained the important role that reading plays in developing impressive writing skills. He mentioned that only good readers can become good writers as reading helps in producing good content for writing. Furthermore, Mr. Ghulam Akbar mentioned that the commercial interest involved in the writing industry has led to the disappearance of many famous newspapers and magazines.
Mr. Amir Ghauri, Senior journalist, and Editor, The News mentioned that not everyone can be a good writer and a good storyteller. To be a good storyteller and an impressive writer, one needs to do extensive reading. Mr. Ghauri further mentioned that along with reading, the ability to think independently and to analyze the text is also important.
Additionally, he advised the students who want to pursue writing as a career, to start reading and analyzing the content. Ms. Naila Ansari, Renowned Script Writer, briefly explained the Pakistani Media Industry and how the students can succeed in this field. According to Ms. Ansari, to write well, knowledge is required. Students need to gather content by traveling, reading, and by keeping good company. Furthermore, she added that it is very unfortunate that students today do not read anymore. Ms. Ansari also highlighted the role that is to be played by the parents in promoting the reading habit in children.
Mr. Saad Munawar, World Record Holder Mountaineer, and the writer mentioned that the Power and the Value of Pen are much greater than just earning. He advised the students to ponder over how they want to contribute to the country once they start writing. Lastly, he stated that if one has the skill of writing and you have the ability to make people relate with your writing, then do not let anyone discourage you.
The Webinar was attended by 35 participants and was moderated by Ms. Laraib Fatima Hassan, Digital Media Executive, CGSS.

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