Research Papers

Russia’s Shift in Power Priorities: A Smart Opportunity for South Asia
- Ms. Tehseen Fatima Syed

24 August, 2020

Sino-Indian Ladakh Standoff: Escalating Tensions and Its Implications for Regional Stability
- Mr. Zakir Ullah

15 June, 2020

Russia and China Converge on Eurasian Integration: Understanding the Long-Term Engagement
- Prof Dr. Shabir Ahmad Khan

06 June, 2020

Digital Pakistan: Shifting Life From Offline To Online
- Muhammad Sharif Rana

28 May, 2020

Connectivity Of The Eurasian Region via Belt and Road Initiative
Special Emphasis on Economic Corridors
- Mr. Asfand Yar Khan

25 March, 2020

Water Resource Management situation in Pakistan: Challenges and Future Strategies
- CGSS writers panel

22 March, 2020

Geo Economic And Strategic Significance of the Indian Ocean Enhancing Connectivity
- Lt. Col Khalid Taimur Akram (Retd)

17 March, 2020

Issues in Pakistan’s Economy: Way Forward
- CGSS writers panel

10 December, 2019

Resistance and Repression: Separatist Movements in India’s North-East, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Indian Occupied Kashmir
- Lt. Col Khalid Taimur Akram (Retd)

17 October, 2019

Security Dilemma in Eurasian Integration and Western Counter Response
- CGSS writers panel

10 October, 2019

Belt and Road Initiative; Geopolitics, Opportunities, and Challenges for regional integration
- Lt. Col Khalid Taimur Akram (Retd)

18 September, 2019

The Necessity of Redefining “Sustainable Development” as “Sustained Development” The Belt and Road and Apollo Program: Sources of Inspiration
- Mr. Hussein and Mr. Jason

07 September, 2019

Theories of War & Peace: A Conceptual Framework
- Ms. Shiza Nisar

04 September, 2019

IMF Loan Programmes to Developing Countries
- CGSS writers panel

21 August, 2019

Conflict and Diplomacy in the Gulf: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical posture of Powers
- CGSS writers panel

17 July, 2019

Water Security: Issues/Way Forward on Aggression and Conservation
- CGSS writers panel

11 June, 2019

Referendum 2020: Understanding the Essence of Khalistan Movement
- Lt. Col Khalid Taimur Akram (Retd)

15 May, 2019

Health Sector Reforms vis-à-vis Resource Allocations to Various Health Care Projects
- Ms. Sabaha Khurshid

21 February, 2019

Coercion from Western Borders: Situation in Afghanistan
- CGSS writers panel

15 February, 2019

Water Scarcity in Pakistan: Issues and Options
- CGSS writers panel

07 February, 2019

Problems of Textile Sector in Pakistan and Way Forward
- CGSS writers panel

02 February, 2019

US-China Trade War
- CGSS writers panel

28 January, 2019

Dynamics and Security of Nuclear Weapons in 21st Century
- Ms. Rahat Iqbal

24 November, 2018

New Policies of Littoral States in Indian Ocean Region Policy and its Implications
- CGSS writers panel

05 November, 2018

Water Security: Issues/ Way Forward On Aggression- Implications On Pakistan
- CGSS writers panel

03 November, 2018

Pakistan Military Contribution To United Nation Missions
- CGSS writers panel

09 October, 2018

The Adoption of Criminal Profiling for Drug Interdiction
- Prof. Masud Ahmed Malik

21 June, 2018

CPEC: Prospective Economic Benefits to Pakistan
- CGSS writers panel

13 June, 2018

Preventing Cybercrime: A Criminological Perspective

03 March, 2018

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse

23 January, 2018

Our Cities Need a Smart Mobility System

05 January, 2018

Cotton Industry of Pakistan - Challenges and Future Discourse

16 November, 2017

Social, Religious, Political and Sectarian Fault Lines in Society: Gaps and Way Forward

07 November, 2017

Pakistan in the Perspective of the Central Asian Republics

05 October, 2017

Future Of Brics As Socio Economic Power

27 September, 2017

CPEC and its Public Policy Initiatives in Pakistan

29 August, 2017

Pakistan’s Space Program

26 July, 2017

Kashmir A New Strategy of Proxy Wars by India

07 July, 2017

Water Situation in South Asian Countries Vis-à-vis Pakistan’s Position

15 June, 2017

Is Pakistan a Victim of Engineered Plague Crisis

16 May, 2017

Textile Industry of Pakistan

09 March, 2017

Sugar Industry of Pakistan

31 January, 2017

Internal and Policy Conflicts of India Implications on Regional Peace and Stability

04 January, 2017

The Dilemma of Poverty in Pakistan and its Impact on the Increasing Health Issues

14 December, 2016

Trade Transition in Central Asia

26 November, 2016

Pakistan’s Rice Economy and Its Impact on the Economic and Social Issues of Pakistan

16 November, 2016

South China Sea: China’s Stance and the Regional Impact

15 November, 2016

Russian Foreign Policy Dynamics

12 November, 2016

Implications of the Indo-US Growing Nuclear Nexus on the Regional Geopolitics

04 November, 2016

Elections of the United States of America 2016-

02 November, 2016