Roundtable Discussion on “Use of Different Mediums to Generate False Narrative by India”

On 18th April 2019, Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad organized a Roundtable Discussion on “Use of Different Mediums to Generate False Narrative by India” at Islamabad Club.
The session commenced with the opening remarks by Lieutenant General Muhammad Zahir Ul Islam HI(M), (Retd) – Chairman CGSS. He applauded the positive efforts of Mr. Elias Davidson for uncovering the truth of the false flag operations. He stated that Mr. Davidson is the person who has done tremendous job and efforts to find the truth. He has made an attempt to tell the truth to the general public of India. How false narrative through false flag is propagated through media that the truth gets into the background. He concluded by saying that we must spread the message he has given in his book.
Mr. Sultan Mehmood Hali – Senior Analyst and Former Senior Officer of the Pakistan Air Force gave a briefing on “The Concept of Hindutwa”. He stated that in Hindustan, those who failed the test of having a common Fatherland or Holy Land or Hindudom do not deserve any privileges. The followers of Hindutva are known for their criticism of the Indian government as too passive and that Hindutwa has great impact on the Indian military as well.
Mr. Elias Davidsson, Author of the Book, The Betrayal of India stated I did not do this research for either Pakistan or India, I did it for the quest of the truth. My investigation began after the events of 9/11 attacks. After one year of these attacks, I realized something is not correct and evidences were missing. My book “The betrayal of India” is based on two years of work on publicly available information and I can say that the official statement by the Indian Government is an absolute lie. It is an allegation by India which in unfounded, the case of Pakistan is very strong and it can accuse India for its malicious allegations. During these attacks, the first information was provided by the Chief of the Police that 9 people were arrested. This news report disappeared after two days and everyone was talking about 9 dead people. This contradiction in the statements was not followed by any media or the court. The facts and figures related to these events kept on changing by the officials. These attacks were conducted in two series. In first series, locations were targeted with domestic population. In the second series, the locations with frequent foreign visitors and tourists were attacked. There is not even a single timeline given by the officials for these incidents. The facts and figures were not provided about the dead bodies and who killed them. I found out the motives behind these operations after I understood that the official statements were a lie. For India, I found a great deal of motives. The first motive was to come closer to U.S. Second was to target the general public of India to increase and boom the military budget. Another motive was to get more votes for BJP. U.S. took great interest in Mumbai attacks, it created a task force during these attacks. Mr. Davidsson concluded his speech by urging all the participants to work for the truth.
The Roundtable session was followed by an interactive question and answer session unfolding the truth behind the false flag operations.
Approximately 80 people including experts of foreign policy and representatives of public and private sector attended the Roundtable Session.

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