Roundtable Conference on Situation of Occupied Kashmir

A meeting was held between a High-Level Delegation from Ministry of Defense UK and Senior Advisory Board Members of Center for Global and Strategic Studies on 28th November 2019
The session commenced with the opening remarks by Brig Dr. Mohammad Khan, Head of Department International Relations, International Islamic University Islamabad, he commented on the severe ongoing crisis in Indian occupied Kashmir and stated that India is responsible for the conditions in Kashmir, he further mentioned that the demographic changes being made by India by revoking article 37A and 370 has resulted in atrocities. Kashmiri people are being denied of their rights of self-determination and independence.
He shed light on the Legal position of India and their claims regarding the Kashmir issue and also shared various resolutions which were passed related to Kashmir in the United Nations. He put forward the Kashmiri demands in-front of the panel which were,
1. End of Siege
2. Restoration of their special status
3. Demilitarization
4. Implementation of the UN’s resolutions.
Lieutenant General Khalid Naeem Lodhi, HI (M) (Retd), Former Defense Minister- emphasized the role of United Kingdom to support and help the Kashmir cause. He stated that during independence Kashmir was left as an unfinished agenda which still requires special attention and immediate action as the rights of innocent Kashmiris are being sacrificed. He also put forward Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir issue and stated that Pakistan will always stand by Kashmiris with full support for their freedom.
Major General Khalid Amir Jaffery HI(M) (Retd), President CGSS shared his views about Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. He mentioned that it was a part of Modi’s Election Manifesto to revoke articles 32A and 370 he also brought to attention the ongoing hybrid war by India and its constant violation of the Indus Water Treaty.
Brig Akhter Nawaz Janjua commented on the silence of International powers over the Kashmir issue, he stated that if the ongoing crises are not resolved there will be a constant unrest in the region, he further elaborated that Pakistan does not intend to take any action which will disrupt the peace of our region but we stand with Kashmiris and their demands.
Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Gondal, Former Secretary Information and Broadcasting shared his thoughts about how India is not implementing the UN resolutions in Kashmir, he stated that it is of utter importance that global powers like the United Kingdom and United States pay attention to the ongoing human rights violation in Kashmir, this matter should be discussed as first priority in United Nations so that strict actions can be taken.
The participants of the round table conference included:
a) Brig Dr. Mohammad Khan, Head of Department International Relations, International Islamic University Islamabad
b) Lieutenant General Khalid Naeem Lodhi, HI(M) (Retd), Former Defense Minister
c) Major General Khalid Amir Jaffery HI(M) (Retd), President CGSS
d) Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Gondal, Former Secretary Information and Broadcasting
e) Dr. Ejaz Akram Advisor to President National Defense University
f) Brig Sohail Trimzi (Retd), Senior Member Advisory Board CGSS
g) Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed, senior Security Consultant CGSS
h) Maj Gen (Red) Shakeel Hussain (Former Ambassador)
i) Emma Leatley- Australian High Commission
j) Captain Peter Danlby- UK High Commission
k) Lt Colonel Ian Strong
l) Ms. Helen Lilley- UK Ministry of Defense
m) Ms. Olivia Bartley- UK Ministry of Defense
n) Mr. Paul Sykes- UK Ministry of Defense
o) Ms. Imogen Fleming
p) Brig Akhter Nawaz Janjua
Members from the United Kingdom High Commission shared their views regarding the Kashmir Issue and condemned the situation of innocent Kashmiris, they emphasized on the role of the international community to solve and discuss the Kashmir issue in the United Nations.
Members from the United Kingdom, Australian and German high commission also shared their thoughts in support of Kashmir, they denounced the constant human rights violations in Kashmir by India.

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