Conference on “Enduring Friendship between Sri Lanka and Pakistan”

On 6th February, 2019, Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad in collaboration with High Commission of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Islamabad organized a Conference “Enduring Friendship between Sri Lanka and Pakistan”. The conference commenced with the opening remarks by Lieutenant General Muhammad Zahir Ul Islam HI(M), (Retd) – Chairman CGSS who stated that the formation of new alliances in the region to maximize power of sates provides new opportunities for Pakistan and Sri Lanka to join hands and integrate with the world as leading economies. Pak-Sri Lanka ties can serve as a shining example of cooperation at the bilateral, regional and international level.
The Chief Guest of the occasion was Mr. Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan, Federal Minister for National Food Security & Research, Ministry for National Food Security & Research. He stated that the people and the government of Pakistan stand with the government and people of Sri Lanka in their march towards a bright future, a future of progress and prosperity.
Ms. Saroja Sirisena, Director General of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka shared her views on Witnessing the Relationship between Pakistan and Sri-Lanka. She stated that this is the Asian century and we have the highest young population in the world. We must promote our bilateral relations as we did in the past. Both countries stood fast in the need of hour such as at the time of tsunami, when Sri Lanka was suffering from famine, Pakistan always supported Sri Lanka in hard times. She vowed to further strengthen the relations between both the brotherly nations.
Major General Shakeel Hussain (Retd) - Former High Commissioner of Pakistan to Sri Lanka presented speech on Security and Economic Aspects of Pakistan – Sri Lanka Relations. He stated that Sri Lanka is keen to further enhance bilateral trade and economic relations with Pakistan as both countries have good potential to do trade in many areas. Pakistani products including pharmaceuticals, rice, fruits and vegetables, steel, cement, garments and textiles have huge potential in Sri Lanka and similarly Sri Lankan tea, and ceramics have great scope in Pakistan.
His Excellency Mr. Noordeen Mohamed Shaheid - High Commissioner of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to Pakistan presented speech on Enduring friendship between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. He stated we celebrate our independence day along with commemoration of friendship with Pakistan. Pakistan helped Sri Lanka when the country was suffering from terrorist insurgencies. Both countries forged strong relations in defence, health, trade and economy and further look forward to enhance our relations with Pakistan in various sectors. Pakistan is the currently second biggest trading partner of Sri Lanka in the region.
The Conference was followed by performance of Srilankan Army Cultural Troupe as Sri Lanka’s classical dance has a long history of telling traditional stories of mythology through dances and people relationship with deities.

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