Interactive Session on “Current Situation of Yemen”

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On 3rd January 2019, An Interactive Session/talk was delivered by His Excellency Mohammed Motahar Alashhabi - Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to Pakistan on “Current Situation of Yemen” organized by Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad in collaboration with Embassy of the Republic of Yemen, Islamabad. The situation in Yemen is one of the world's largest humanitarian disasters.
The conference commenced with the opening remarks by Major General Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery HI(M), (Retd) – President CGSS who stated that Yemen has given us a lot and has always remained a source of great interest for explorers. Its geographic location is of immense significance as it lies at the mouth of red sea. The Yemen crisis should not be brought to a militarily end rather be called for peaceful negotiations for the peace and prosperity of the region as well as for the people of Yemen.
His Excellency Mohammed Motahar Alashhabi - Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to Pakistan delivered the speech at the occasion and stated that youth peaceful uprising took place in February 2011 in which Houthi and Southern movements joint the youth revolution beside the political parties and Salehi rivals. The movement faced by Saleh forces and his loyalists with life bullets in the major cities infuriated the public in general which increased demands and resulted in large demonstrations. As result of this confrontation, the Army split and it raised the concerns regionally and internationally. Due to this chaotic situation, the GCC countries proposed an initiative called GCC initiative and its Mechanism.
In 2014, National Comprehensive Dialogue was initiated in which all the parties participated which resulted in the new draft constitution. The request for Arab Coalition support after Houthis rejection for the completion of NCD supported and enabled the government to free Aden and other governorates from Houthis and restore 80% of the land and squeeze the rebellions to 20%.
Presently, Yemen is facing several issues including health issues, breakout of diseases like cholera and dengue due to the bad services in health and sewerage systems due which the Yemini people are suffering specially women and children.
Beside the assistance by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the Arab coalition financed and delivered the most humanitarian relief and assisted the Yemeni People through the sea from Aden ports and from the land, East of Yemen. But unfortunately, the humanitarian aid distribution has been mismanaged and confiscated by Houthis in the areas which is under their control.
Government believes that no military solution, but only peaceful solution must be made and is very keen toward this option. Therefore, they want to avoid military confrontation but Houthis will not go for peace as experienced without military pressure.
He stated that the peaceful solution is to transform Houthis militias to a political peaceful party and live and recognize and coexist without any supremacy. We must focus on restarting the peace talks and must agree on confidence building measures. The Ambassador also thanked Pakistan for its continuous support and cooperation. Approximately 90 people including diplomats, representatives of public and private sector attended the event.

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