Week 3 of the Online Internship Program for Law Students organized by Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad

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Week 3 of the second batch of CGSS Online Internship program. This internship program is organized for Law students of different universities of Pakistan to provide them with the practical knowledge of Law by arranging lectures and sessions of senior law experts. This internship program also aims to help students in developing analytical and research writing skills.
Third session of this Online Internship Program was held on 15th September 2020. It was conducted on the theme of, “Criminal Law” and speaker for this session was Advocate Raja Muqsit, Senior Law Expert.
He gave an informative lecture on the topic and explained the challenges faced in the administration and practical implementation of Criminal Law in Pakistan. He further highlighted that major problems arise when the process of investigation collection is compromised and is not carried out in a professional manner. Investigating officers are not provided with modern gadgets and technology that results in ineffective investigation of criminal activities.
Furthermore, he emphasized that there is a need of training our police officials and investigating officers in order to successfully implement the existing laws.
Fourth session of the Online Internship Program was held on 17th September 2020. It was conducted on the theme, “Child Sexual Abuse: A Criminological Perspective”. Speaker for this session was, Prof. Masud Ahmed Malik, Renowned Criminologist, & Member Board of Experts, CGSS gave an in-depth presentation regarding the basic definition of crime, elements and the variables of crime including criminal act, criminal intent and He also emphasized and highlighted the recent cases Sexual Abuse and explained in detail regarding the global statistics of reported cases of child sexual abuse.

Furthermore, he stressed on the importance of educating children and parents both regarding this heinous crime and also to adopt strict policy measures to deal with these crimes regarding sexual abuse of women and children.
The Internship program coordinator is Ms. Anushka Johum, Research Associate, CGSS. It is note-worthy that law students from different universities of Pakistan are enrolled in this Online Internship Program. This program will prove to be milestone for law students and will provide them with a better understanding of Law in theory and practice.

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