Week 6 of the Online Internship Program for Law Students organized by Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad

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Week 6 of the second batch of CGSS Online Law Internship program. This internship program is organized for Law students from different universities of Pakistan to provide them with the practical knowledge of Law by arranging lectures and sessions with senior law experts. This internship program also aims to help students in developing analytical and research writing skills. Seventh session of this Online Internship Program was held on 8th October 2020. It was conducted on the theme of, "Aspects of Litigation in Pakistan from a Practitioners Approach" and speaker of this session was, Barrister Waqas Aziz, Member Board of Experts, CGSS & Senior Law Expert.
He gave the students useful advice regarding the practical court proceedings and suggested them to consult the Constitution of Pakistan while defending any case as it has important information. Moreover, he discussed in detail the “3 P” approach for a successful proceeding in a court, which is presentation, preparation and personality. He emphasized that, the practical world of law is different than what we study in books.
Eighth session of the Internship program was held on 9th October 2020, conducted on the theme “Criminal Profiling: New Concepts in Modern Policing” by Prof. Masud Ahmed Malik, Member Board of Experts, CGSS, Renowned Criminologist and Visiting lecturer in prominent universities of Pakistan.
He gave a detailed presentation elaborating the importance of criminal profiling and how it is useful to control the mounting ratio of crime in Pakistan.He was of the view that the basic reason behind increasing crime rate in Pakistan is the lack of data and information regarding the behavior and personality of the criminal therefore, the police department conducting the investigation is not able to detect and arrest the criminal.
The sessions were moderated by coordinator of the law internship program, Ms. Anoshka Johum, Research Associate CGSS. It is note-worthy that law students from different universities of Pakistan are enrolled in the Program. This program will prove to be milestone for law students and will provide them with a better understanding of Law in theory and practice.

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