Counter Terrorism Narrative

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Research & Analysis Papers

Rise of Hindu Nationalism and Massive Human Rights Violations in Kashmir
- Ms. Ayesha Khan

08 February, 2022

New Delhi’s Poisoning Hearts and Minds Strategy is Endangering Peace in South Caucasus
- Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed &
Ms. Saima Kausar

13 September, 2021

Modi’s Paradoxical Policies: Kashmir Atrocities and Tyrannies of BJP
- Ms. Fatima Jamal

24 August, 2021

The Irrefutable Dossier of Indian Terrorism
- Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khan

24 November, 2020

Indo-Israel Strategic Partnership and its impacts on the Deterrence Stability of South Asia
- Ms. Sadia Arshad

03 July, 2020

Do World Really Want to End Terrorism?
- Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Ramay

08 March, 2019

Pakistan Military Contribution To United Nation Missions
- CGSS writers panel

09 October, 2018

U.S. Involvement: Hindrance In Regional Stability
- CGSS writers panel

26 September, 2018

The Emergence of Terror Challenges in Pakistan and Possible Way Forward
- CGSS writers panel

19 July, 2018

The Adoption of Criminal Profiling for Drug Interdiction
- Prof. Masud Ahmed Malik

21 June, 2018

Increasing Terrorism Incidents against Muslims in West and International Media Denial
- CGSS writers panel

11 September, 2017


Seminar on Pakistan’s Counter Terrorism Narrative and Future Discourse

21 August, 2017

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In-House Discussion on “Causes of Recent Wave of Terror Attacks in Pakistan”

20 February, 2017

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