CGSS Young Writers

CGSS has a vision to encourage the students of Bachelors/Masters level to write/research on various International Relations issues/topics. CGSS strives to bring a positive change in society and helps the young generation in contributing towards the better future for all of us. The articles/research papers in this section are written by new/novice writers and deserve acknowledgement/appreciation

Chinese Values vs. Liberalism: What Ideology Will Shape the International Normative Order?
- Ms. Tayyaba Khurshid

08 June, 2022

Tajikistan as Gateway for Pakistan to Central Asia: Prospects for Mutual Collaboration
- Mr. Fakhar Hussian

26 May, 2022

30 Years of Pakistan-Tajikistan Bilateral Cooperation: Way Forward to Future Ventures
- Ms. Aimen Jamil

25 May, 2022

Pakistan-Tajikistan Relations: A Roadmap for Shared Future
- Ms. Fizza

24 May, 2022

Vision-2030 of Uzbekistan: Socioeconomic Transformation and Regional Cooperation
- Ms. Sahar Basharat

20 April, 2022

Staring into the Future: Understanding Uzbekistan’s Economic Role in Regional Connectivity
- Mr. Irfan Farooq

04 April, 2022

Potential Development under Aquaculture Reforms in Pakistan
- Ms. Maria Yousuf

31 March, 2022

New Uzbekistan- New Reforms under President Shavkat Mirziyoyev
- Muhammad Sadiq Farooq

30 March, 2022

New Uzbekistan-New Strategy: An Overview of Exceptional Policies and Development
- Ms. Ayesha Zafar

29 March, 2022

The Rise of Uzbekistan: Assessing Opportunities for Regional Cooperation and Development
- Mr. Hassan Ahmed

29 March, 2022

Vision-2030 of Uzbekistan: Socioeconomic Transformation and Regional Cooperation
- Ms. Fizza

28 March, 2022

Vision-2030 of Uzbekistan: Socioeconomic Transformation and Regional Cooperation
- Mr. Sarmad Shahbaz

26 March, 2022

Sustainable Fisheries Policies: A Preliminary Study on Fisheries Economy and Plan of Actions for Fisheries Management in Pakistan
- Ms. Maria Yousuf

10 March, 2022

Uzbekistan’s Growing Role in Regional Peace and Stability
- Ms. Ayesha Khan

25 February, 2022

Reviving Central South Asian Regional Connectivity: A Grand Narrative by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev
- Ms. Hamna Ghias Sheikh

24 February, 2022

New Uzbekistan’s Vision for a Modern and Developed Hub of Interconnected Regions
- Ms. Rubab Nawaz

21 February, 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and Socio-economic Transformation: An Overview
- Ms. Ayesha Khan

01 January, 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Technological Advancement: An End to Human Miseries
- Ms. Maryam Ali

16 December, 2021

Legal Options of Pakistan on Kashmir
- Ms. Kainat Saif

26 October, 2021

Vision-2030 of Uzbekistan Government
- Mr. Basim Raza

21 October, 2021

China Pakistan Economic Corridor & Our Social Responsibilities
- Mr. Ehsan Khan

14 October, 2021

Policies of Uzbekistan: Protection of Environment and Path to a Green Economy
- Ms. Summaya Khan

04 October, 2021

Trilateral Cooperation between Azerbaijan-Pakistan-Turkey: An Overview of Exceptional Partnership
- Mr. Basim Raza

27 September, 2021

- Ms. Eisha Haq

23 September, 2021

Central and South Asia Regional Connectivity: Ten-Point Agenda by His Excellency Shavkat Mirziyoyev
- Ms. Noor ul Sabha

15 September, 2021

Azerbaijan Vision 2030
- Ms. Fatima Jamal

14 September, 2021

Prospects for Academic Cooperation between Central and South Asia
- Ms. Hira Atia

11 September, 2021

Chinese Vision of a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind
- Ms. Summaya Khan

10 September, 2021

Role of SAARC: Parameters, Achievements and Options to Curb Challenges
- Ms. Hira Atia

08 September, 2021

Importance of Academic Institutions to Enhance Cultural ties under the Vision of a Community with Shared Future
- Mr. Hassan Danial Dar

07 September, 2021

Upgrading Logistics and Transport in Central-South Asia for Sustainable Development
- Ms. Eisha Haq

06 September, 2021

Pakistan-Indonesia Bilateral Engagement: Prospects Under ASEAN
- Ms. Aleezah Dreshak

06 September, 2021

Overcoming Water Scarcity in Pakistan: Policy Options and Recommendations
- Ms. Arusha Siddique

04 September, 2021

China’s Path to Green Economy
- Ms. Summaya Khan

03 September, 2021

The Ramification of Climate Change on Food Security: Case Studies of Balochistan and Sindh
- Ms. Salva Ikram

02 September, 2021

EU DisinfoLab Report: Unveiling Indian False Propaganda
- Mr. Allah Nawaz

01 September, 2021

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): Multilateral Cooperation and Benefits
- Ms. Irsa Khalid

31 August, 2021

The Role of Republic of Kazakhstan in Bridging Gap between World Religions
- Prof Dr. Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq

26 August, 2021

Role of CPEC in Great Eurasian Partnership
- Ms. Afnan A. Ghaffar

25 August, 2021

Regional Integration between Central and South Asia: Analyzing the Role of Uzbekistan
- Ms. Eisha Haq

25 August, 2021

Modi’s Paradoxical Policies: Kashmir Atrocities and Tyrannies of BJP
- Ms. Fatima Jamal

24 August, 2021

Inclusive Economic partnership between China and Pakistan Under CPEC
- Ms. Arusha Siddique

31 July, 2021

Relevance of Multilateral Regional Institutions Institutional in 21st Century
- Ms. Mahzaib Khan

30 July, 2021

Pakistan’s Enhancing Renewable Energy Potentials: Current status, Options and Pathway to the Future
- Ms. Mahzaib Khan

21 June, 2021

Pakistan’s Zonal Connections with Central Asia: Remodelling the Transit Horizons under Multi-Regional Schemes
- Ms. Sarah Salahuddin

14 June, 2021

Russia Pivot to Asia: Opportunities for Pakistan
- Ms. Mahzaib Khan

07 June, 2021

Indonesian Climate Change Policies: Striking a Balance between Poverty Alleviation and Emissions Reduction
- Syeda Fareena Naqvi

03 May, 2021

Reinvigorating Pakistan and Africa Relations through Enhancing Cross-Continental Trade
- Ms. Sarah Salahuddin

26 April, 2021

Continuity and Change in Indonesian Foreign Policy
- Mr. Ghansham Meghwar

23 April, 2021

Technological Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Liberal Democracy
- Muhammad Labeeb Khan

21 April, 2021

The Journey of Democratization in Indonesia
- Rana Pervaiz Iqbal

16 April, 2021

The Transition to Democracy in Indonesia
- Muhammad Ramzan

15 April, 2021

A Nation’s Urgent Need: Ecotourism
- Ms. Aymun Najeeb

30 March, 2021

Existing Socio-Economic Disparities in Pakistan: A Brief Analysis and Way Forward
- Ms. Mehreen Khaskheli

24 March, 2021

Economic Connectivity under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Future Prospects for Central Asia
- Ms. Mehreen Khaskheli

08 March, 2021

Prospects of SAARC in Averting Non-Traditional Security Threats in South Asia
- Ms. Haya Fatima

02 February, 2021

Ancient Egypt: A land of Mysteries
- Ms. Maryam Raza

25 January, 2021

Understanding The Policy Changes In Egypt’s Infrastructure Development
- Ms. Fizza Khokhar

22 January, 2021

Egyptian Arts, Traditions and Cuisine
- Ms. Amna Hameed

21 January, 2021

Gauging Potential of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
- Ms. Maryam Raza

04 December, 2020

Belt and Road Initiative: Win-Win Cooperation For All
- Mr. Adil Zia

26 November, 2020

Hydro Power Potential in Pakistan: Prospects and Challenges
- Ms. Maryam Raza

06 November, 2020

Challenges to war-torn Middle East amid Covid-19 Crisis
- Mr. Aamir Iqbal

02 November, 2020

Cyber Security Challenges to Pakistan and the Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help Mitigate these Challenges
- Ms. Maryam Raza

28 October, 2020

Role of Lady Health Workers in Health Sector of Pakistan
- Ms. Asma Malik

16 October, 2020

Gauging the Geoeconomic Relations Between Pakistan and Turkmenistan: The Tapi Gas Pipeline
- Ms. Tajwer Shamsi

16 October, 2020

A Distort Use of Political Communication to Shatter Peace (A Case Study of BJP’s Social Media Propaganda)
- Ms. Javaria Sehar

09 October, 2020

Six Economic Corridors of Power and their Significance for Global Cooperation
- Ms. Sarah Faraz

08 October, 2020

Cyber Harassment; Deficient Laws to Protect Women in the Digital Realm
- Ms. Aymun Najeeb

08 October, 2020

Legal line of action on killings of Pakistani Hindus in India
- Mr. Nasir Zaman

01 October, 2020

Child Custody Proceedings; Hinderances for the Right to a Fair Trial
- Ms. Aymun Najeeb

25 September, 2020

- Mr. Adil Zia

24 September, 2020

- Mr. Nasir Zaman

24 September, 2020

Prosecution in Pakistan: Challenges & Way Forward
- Ms. Aymun Najeeb

23 September, 2020

Developments in the Tourism Industry in Pakistan: A boost ensured By China Pakistan Economic Corridor
- Ms. Arfeen Baig

22 September, 2020

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – An Economic Developmental Strategy for Regional Prosperity
- Ms. Aqsa Amir

16 September, 2020

Critical Analysis of Effects of Legal Realism on Judiciary’s Interpretation during Legal Proceedings
- Mr. Nasir Zaman

16 September, 2020

Revitalizing Pakistan’s Leather Industry: A Way Forward
- Mr. Amjad Hussain

11 September, 2020

‘Pakistan’s Industrial Sector; Challenges, Current Reforms and The Way Forward’
- Ms. Summaiya Malik

02 September, 2020

Uzbekistan’s Economic Measures For COVID-19 Mitigation
- Mr. Hassan Danial Dar

28 August, 2020

Saudi Digitalized Healthcare: An Overview
- Mr. Hassan Danial Dar

22 August, 2020

Role of Pakistan in Afghanistan Peace Process
- Muhammad Aslam

11 August, 2020

CPEC: A Project Towards Progressive Pakistan
- Mr. Daniyal Talat

07 August, 2020

Role of NAM in Peace and Regional Stability
- Muhammad Usama Siddiqi

04 August, 2020

Cyber Crimes And Laws To Prevent It
- Mr. Waqar Mirza

28 July, 2020

The European Union And The Securitization Of Migration
- Ms. Shehla Tahir

27 July, 2020

Western Illegal Actions Related to Racism
- Ms. Zara Qadir

22 July, 2020

Tempestuous LOC in Modi’s “New India”: A demise of “Sambhand Policies” and “Strengthened Regionalism”
- Ms. Tehseen Fatima Syed

21 July, 2020

India’s Assertive Behavior Towards Nepal: Its Impacts on South Asian Security
- Ms. Merab Bhatti

08 July, 2020

United States-Afghanistan Current Standoff
- Mr. Faizan Rashid

01 July, 2020

To Rejuvenate the Struggle for Kashmir Issue
- Ms. Shiza Ahmed Butt

01 June, 2020

Migration and Refugee Crisis in EU
- Ms. Sadia Arshad

19 May, 2020

Pakistan's Foreign Policy & Regional Integration
- Muhammad Mehran Iqbal

08 May, 2020

Integrated Foreign Policy Parameters of CIS States
- Mr. Shakir Ali

06 May, 2020

Power of Social Media in Narrative Building: Do we need to worry?
- Ms. Palwasha Nawaz

18 March, 2020

Tayyip Erdogan’s leadership: A Beacon for the Unity of Muslim World
- Mr. Zakir Ullah

17 March, 2020

THE AFGHAN RAPPROCHEMENT: BOON OR BANE? Comparison of the US and Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan
- Mr. Asfand Yar

14 March, 2020

Education reforms in KPK
- Ms. Saima Yaqub

09 March, 2020

Climate Change Implications on Water Resources of Pakistan
- Ms. Mehwish Burki

09 March, 2020

Is India Collapsing?
- Mr. Zubair Ahmed

03 March, 2020

The Hot Cup Of Tea: A Year After
- Ms. Minahil Afridi

28 February, 2020

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Visit: A road of Opportunities For Pakistan
- Ms. Alisha Manzoor

19 February, 2020

Enhanced water distribution mechanism, the key towards prosperity for Pakistan
- Ms. Warda Jehangiri

18 February, 2020

Disaster Management of Australian Bushfire
- Ms. Alisha Manzoor

04 February, 2020

Effects of Glacier Melting in the Himalayas region due to Climatic Change
- Ms. Warda Jehangiri

27 January, 2020

Tajikistan: Visionary Leadership and Road to Prosperity
- Mr. Darya Khan

09 January, 2020

2020: Pakistan as the Gateway to The Rise of Asia
- Ms. Narmeen Chaudhry

03 January, 2020