CGSS Young Writers

CGSS has a vision to encourage the students of Bachelors/Masters level to write/research on various International Relations issues/topics. CGSS strives to bring a positive change in society and helps the young generation in contributing towards the better future for all of us. The articles/research papers in this section are written by new/novice writers and deserve acknowledgement/appreciation

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – An Economic Developmental Strategy for Regional Prosperity
- Ms. Aqsa Amir

16 September, 2020

Critical Analysis of Effects of Legal Realism on Judiciary’s Interpretation during Legal Proceedings
- Mr. Nasir Zaman

16 September, 2020

Revitalizing Pakistan’s Leather Industry: A Way Forward
- Mr. Amjad Hussain

11 September, 2020

‘Pakistan’s Industrial Sector; Challenges, Current Reforms and The Way Forward’
- Ms. Summaiya Malik

02 September, 2020

Uzbekistan’s Economic Measures For COVID-19 Mitigation
- Mr. Hassan Danial Dar

28 August, 2020

Saudi Digitalized Healthcare: An Overview
- Mr. Hassan Danial Dar

22 August, 2020

Role of Pakistan in Afghanistan Peace Process
- Muhammad Aslam

11 August, 2020

CPEC: A Project Towards Progressive Pakistan
- Mr. Daniyal Talat

07 August, 2020

Role of NAM in Peace and Regional Stability
- Muhammad Usama Siddiqi

04 August, 2020

Cyber Crimes And Laws To Prevent It
- Mr. Waqar Mirza

28 July, 2020

The European Union And The Securitization Of Migration
- Ms. Shehla Tahir

27 July, 2020

Western Illegal Actions Related to Racism
- Ms. Zara Qadir

22 July, 2020

Tempestuous LOC in Modi’s “New India”: A demise of “Sambhand Policies” and “Strengthened Regionalism”
- Ms. Tehseen Fatima Syed

21 July, 2020

India’s Assertive Behavior Towards Nepal: Its Impacts on South Asian Security
- Ms. Merab Bhatti

08 July, 2020

United States-Afghanistan Current Standoff
- Mr. Faizan Rashid

01 July, 2020

How Social Sector Reforms Can Reduce Child Labor in Pakistan
- Ms. Laraib Fatima Hassan

30 June, 2020

To Rejuvenate the Struggle for Kashmir Issue
- Ms. Shiza Ahmed Butt

01 June, 2020

Migration and Refugee Crisis in EU
- Ms. Sadia Arshad

19 May, 2020

Turkey’s Foreign Policy: A Success Benchmark For The Eurasian Region
- Ms. Ashna Mehmood

12 May, 2020

Pakistan's Foreign Policy & Regional Integration
- Muhammad Mehran Iqbal

08 May, 2020

Integrated Foreign Policy Parameters of CIS States
- Mr. Shakir Ali

06 May, 2020

Prison Reforms in Pakistan- A Much Needed Agenda for the Government
- Ms. Laraib Fatima Hassan

09 April, 2020

Power of Social Media in Narrative Building: Do we need to worry?
- Ms. Palwasha Nawaz

18 March, 2020

Tayyip Erdogan’s leadership: A Beacon for the Unity of Muslim World
- Mr. Zakir Ullah

17 March, 2020

THE AFGHAN RAPPROCHEMENT: BOON OR BANE? Comparison of the US and Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan
- Mr. Asfand Yar

14 March, 2020

Education reforms in KPK
- Ms. Saima Yaqub

09 March, 2020

Climate Change Implications on Water Resources of Pakistan
- Ms. Mehwish Burki

09 March, 2020

Is India Collapsing?
- Mr. Zubair Ahmed

03 March, 2020

The Hot Cup Of Tea: A Year After
- Ms. Minahil Afridi

28 February, 2020

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Visit: A road of Opportunities For Pakistan
- Ms. Alisha Manzoor

19 February, 2020

Enhanced water distribution mechanism, the key towards prosperity for Pakistan
- Ms. Warda Jehangiri

18 February, 2020

Fifth Generation Warfare and Challenges for Pakistan
- Ms. Laraib Hassan

10 February, 2020

Disaster Management of Australian Bushfire
- Ms. Alisha Manzoor

04 February, 2020

Effects of Glacier Melting in the Himalayas region due to Climatic Change
- Ms. Warda Jehangiri

27 January, 2020

Tajikistan: Visionary Leadership and Road to Prosperity
- Mr. Darya Khan

09 January, 2020

2020: Pakistan as the Gateway to The Rise of Asia
- Ms. Narmeen Chaudhry

03 January, 2020