Conference on “Discourse of Nation Building”

On 26th March 2019, Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad in collaboration with University of the Punjab, Lahore organized a Conference on “Discourse of Nation Building” at University of the Punjab, Lahore.
The Conference had the participation of distinguished guest speakers and experts of the subject. The guest speakers who delivered speeches during the Conference included:
a. Professor. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar – Vice Chancellor, University of Punjab, Lahore
b. Lieutenant General Khalid Maqbool HI(M), (Retd), Former Governor of Punjab
c. Senator Javed Jabbar – Former Federal Minister of Information, Government of Pakistan
d. Major General Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery HI(M), (Retd) – President CGSS
e. Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Ramay – Executive Director Zalmi Foundation
f. Mr. Abdullah Hameed Gul - Member Advisory Board, Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad and Chairman Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan
g. Syed Maaz Mahmood – President, All Pakistan Business Forum
The session commenced with the opening remarks by Major General Hafiz Masroor Ahmed (Retd) – Vice President CGSS who welcomed and thanked the worthy participants of the session.
The panelists of the Conference highlighted the contribution and sacrifices of Pakistani Armed Forces and stressed that Pakistan is a nation with great potential. The youth of Pakistan comprises of 65% of the population which is our beacon of hope for the entire nation. The speakers were of the view that higher education play a pivotal role in nation building and socio-economic change is not possible without coordination of research students and policymakers.
The panelists of the Conference defined “Pakistaniat” as emotional and sentimental spirit of national identity of Pakistan and stated that we have to inculcate this identity in our generations through analyzing our nation's strength and weaknesses. Furthermore, subcontinent was a combination of multiple small and large independent kingdoms and states. Pakistan was carved out of those independent kingdoms. India is spreading the myth that both, India and Pakistan have a common culture, but it is not the case.
Subcontinent was a melting pot of cultures, languages and ethnicities. It was a land of more than 600 small and large princely states, each having a different culture, language and religion from other. Pakistan's culture and religion is unique and we as a nation have a different persona from India.
Approximately 350 people including representatives of public and private sector, Professors and students attended the Conference.

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