National Security Strategy

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Research & Analysis Papers

Overview of the Regional Implications and International Legal Perspective vis-à-vis India’s Money Laundering and Terror Financing Activities
- Mr. Nasir Zaman

01 February, 2021

Pakistan’s Prospects of taking Indian Illegal Occupation of Siachen to International Legal Forums
- Mr. Nasir Zaman

12 November, 2020

Politics and Institutions of National Security
- Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khan

05 November, 2020

ISI: Pakistan’s First Line of Defence
- Dr. Muhammad Khan

15 October, 2020

Critical Evaluation and Comparison of Islamic and International Humanitarian Laws Regarding Treatment of Prisoners of War
- Mr. Nasir Zaman

13 October, 2020

The Social & Scientific developments in Pakistan during the current wave of pandemic COVID-19
-Syed Waqas Ali Bokhari

20 July, 2020

Indian Military Preparedness for Two-Front War: Can Pakistan and China Permanently Settle Border Dispute with India
- Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed

29 June, 2020

Pakistan’s Defense budget: Myth & Reality
- Dr. Farrukh Saleem, Senior Economist

22 June, 2020

Human to Non-Human Security Threat and Relevance of Leadership with Imagination
- Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Ramay

12 June, 2020

Pakistan's Foreign Policy & Regional Integration
- Muhammad Mehran Iqbal

08 May, 2020

Prison Reforms in Pakistan- A Much Needed Agenda for the Government
- Ms. Laraib Fatima Hassan

09 April, 2020

The Hot Cup Of Tea: A Year After
- Ms. Minahil Afridi

28 February, 2020

Fifth Generation Warfare and Challenges for Pakistan
- Ms. Laraib Hassan

10 February, 2020

ZARRA: A Positive Beginning to Combat Child Abuse Comprehensively
- CGSS writers panel

04 February, 2020

Prioritizing Pakistan’s Maritime Agenda In US-Iran Escalation
- Mr. Kanwar Mohammad Javed

09 January, 2020

Externals Factors Affecting Pakistan’s Stability
- CGSS writers panel

09 July, 2019

NAP: What Model Will Work?
- Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Ramay

26 April, 2019

Inefficiencies in Power Distribution Companies
- Mr. Asif Ali Abro

29 March, 2019

NEPRA’s Vision of Competitive Power Market
- Mr.Asif Ali Abro

28 November, 2018

Dynamics and Security of Nuclear Weapons in 21st Century
- Ms. Rahat Iqbal

24 November, 2018

Role of a City Government in Urban Security
- Mr. Zia Banday

16 October, 2018

India – Pakistan Nuclear Arms Race: A Way Forward
- CGSS writers panel

16 August, 2018

Analysis on India's False Flag Operations
- CGSS writers panel

13 August, 2018

Militarization of Space: Path Towards New Conflict
- CGSS writers panel

17 July, 2018

20 Years of Nuclearized South Asia - Has the Nuclear Deterrence Guaranteed Stability in the Region?
- CGSS writers panel

08 June, 2018

Pakistan is Preparing to Counter India through Second Strike Capability

15 March, 2017

Food Insecurity Despite the Innovative Techniques in the Industry

21 January, 2017

Future of Nuclear Technology in Pakistan

23 December, 2016

Analyzing Modi’s Water Threats to Pakistan: Repercussions and Implications

06 December, 2016

A Counter-Strategy by Pakistan: Joining Heart of Asia Conference in Amritsar

29 November, 2016

Anti-Neighbor Policies in the Wake of ‘Neighborhood First’ Agenda of Modi

28 November, 2016

Recent Blast at Gadani vis-à-vis Operationalization of CPEC Route

04 November, 2016


Online International Conference on, “Emerging Regional Security Structure in the Backdrop of Rising Asia” organized by Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad

16 November, 2020

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Online Conference on “Impacts of COVID-19 on Agriculture Sector in Pakistan”

21 April, 2020

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Online Conference on “Suggested Measures for Lifting the Lockdown: What can be the Phases”

15 April, 2020

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In-House Discussion on “Pakistan; A Responsible Nuclear State” organized by CGSS at Islamabad, Pakistan

13 May, 2019

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Interactive Session with Mr. Elias Davidson – Author of the Book “The Betrayal of India”

19 April, 2019

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Roundtable Discussion on “Use of Different Mediums to Generate False Narrative by India”

18 April, 2019

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Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Elias Davidson, Author of the Book – The Betrayal of India

17 April, 2019

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International Conference on “India’s False Flag Operations”

16 April, 2019

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Screening of Historical Uzbek Movie “Islam Khuja” at Islamabad, Pakistan

21 January, 2019

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Visit of Delegation from National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) to CGSS

07 November, 2018

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In-House Discussion “Pakistan-India Relations under Modi Doctrine”

15 August, 2018

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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Center for International Relations Studies (CIRS) and Centre for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS)

18 April, 2018

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Seminar on “The US Policy for South Asia and Pakistan’s Response”

08 February, 2018

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Seminar on “National Security Policy – Vision for Pakistan”

18 December, 2017

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Visit of Mr. Vladimir Norov – Director ISRS to CGSS

16 December, 2017

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CGSS Delegation Visit to Institute of Maritime Affairs (Affiliated with Pakistan Navy)

29 November, 2017

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In-House Discussion on Donald Trump’s Afghan and South Asia Strategy

29 August, 2017

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CGSS Lunch for Designate Ambassadors

04 May, 2017

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Visit of Dr. Irfan Yousaf Shamsi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad to CGSS

02 May, 2017

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Roundtable Discussion on FATA Reforms

18 January, 2017

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